Walmart is looking to open up a number of new stores by 2014 check the website for details for the area closest to you.  

Home Depot is offering 70,000 jobs for the upcoming spring season.  Check their site for details.  
Summer jobs available:

Employment growth forecast for the next eight years for Chicago is as follows:
4,000 more truck drivers, 10,000 more computer science workers, 75,000 more healthcare workers, and 18,000 registered nurses.  

YouthGo.gov - U.S. Dept. of Interior is hiring 10,000 summer,  interns, and entry level workers .

usajobs.opm.gov - The Forests Service run by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture offers 15,000 summer jobs.

Ups is hiring 46 permanent workers plus an unspecified number of part time workers inside $8.50 - $9.50 an hour at upsjobs.com.

Other firms possibly offering internships are:

Wells Fargo Bank, Toyota Motor Co., General Dynamics, Qwest Telecommunications, and Research in Motion software and wireless company.  Check each firms website for details.

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