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"Erotic Worship".
Dark shadows exist in my mist. So I escape with no hesitation. My lover awaits my arrival. No rush too soon he tells me to take my time. So I sit and mesmerize myself with his existence. The room is Still yet his presence alone moves within my being as I feel my heart racing with admiration and my body my body tremble with electricity of love that penetrates through my arms. He is all I need for this present time in deed. Timeless conversation, no disregard, the sound of my voice never irritates him he anticipates my every thought but still lingers on every word. My mind is stimulated with his wisdom, my sole is complete and my physical aspiration is satisfied, for now. All this and I haven’t even been sealed with a kiss.

All the anxiety that comes with life’s adversity has placed me in a mood for enrichment. I give all of myself to thee. My requests were recognized as I experienced a touch of power that enlightens my soul with a feel of a tingling sensation. Once my request was known he hit all my spots: 

My dark secret hurts……my spot
My insecurities …….my spot
Residue of my impurities…….my spot
Fears from failures……….my spot

A knock on the door interrupts this union. Wait! another lover beguiles my soul. His tangible touch is so familiar. My mind drifts with delightful images of desired fleshly pleasures. Accessible, ready for me to explore yet another field trip. Butterflies erupts in my stomach, danger is ahead but never look so sweet. Did I forget? A 5 minute of bliss? So Ladies! It was the twist of my wrist, the switch of my hips pointing to that opposite direction. He can keep his erection! I return to my room and was awaken with a release of pleasure that explored many options. The thrill was everlasting and Ladies this was no 5 minute gratification. It was divinity that fulfilled my being with a supernatural climax. An erotic worship I’ll never forget.