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Inspirational Note
I believe when we come from God we are good.  However, when we enter into this flesh our nature changes from what God intended.  Have you ever heard of two gifts attacking, hating or killing each other?  Then why do we as people do it? Maybe because we do not know who we are?  What is your opinion?  When are we as a people going to acknowledge that everyone matters?  Even the animals receive all that nature provides.  When we choose to hate a person our vision is distorted because we lose sight of the gift that dwells inside of the individual(s).  This is why I want everyone to see the gift that lives in you.  Hopefully, it will cause you to appreciate all of the treasures that exist in the world.  "All good and perfect gifts come from above."  That is what God called us before we received a name from our parents.  So the prayer I offer is this, "Lord help me to see what I am and what you have placed within me." The purpose of this statement is to simply show you that if you can see where you come from then you would know where you belong.  

Quotes from the book: The Laws of Attraction by Michael Ross

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