Building the Future
"You can tell the measure of a man by the woman he picks."  A family is only as stong as each of its members.  Too many families are missing a key part.  "The pain and suffering  that you see in many of our youth today is the result of having a fatherless child.Therefore, to reduce the number of children being brought up this way, we need every male to take ownership of his seed and provide a home for it to grow in.  So, to all of the men I say again do you know where your seed is?"  
Our slogan is simply Rescue Our Youth by any means necessary. 
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It Starts with Design

Since man's existence began, we have been spreading seeds to cultivate the Earth and produce a harvest.  Well today New Foundation wants to continue in this tradition by offering these seeds of inspiration:

Knowledge, limited vision, playing the role, the twelve questions you should ask before having sex, image is everything so create your own, and so much more......  Call us today to discuss the creative ways that we might help you. 
What does life owe me? 
The next generation gotta be better than this.  

When our forefathers struggled in the trenches of slavery, and our parents stood up in the streets of segregation for our rights, each one uttered the same thing.  For this generation to be stronger, it will require the support of the previous one to bring it to pass.  Join us by offering your gifts, talents, & funding to enrich our youth.  I'm encouraging everyone from everywhere to play a part.  A generation needs your help. Please help us to make it better.

"I can overcome what's in front of me by trusting in what is inside of me."  New foundation’s message of hope is simply this: by using faith, knowledge, and hard work you too can overcome your circumstances.  This is a winning combination that you can use for the rest of your life.  
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Our youth hotline number - (708)841-8769   50% of African American & Hispanic kids drop out each year.  More than 60% of all poor children nearly 10 million lived in single parent families while 9% of all married couples with children under 18 were poor.  1 in 4 third graders who have lived in poverty and are not reading at their grade level will drop out or fail to graduate by age 19. We  are a 501C3 charity and are looking for team members. Also check out our inspiratonal note on our contact page!!!!!