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We live in a city that is very segregated because the drug problems in the black and Spanish community aren't being tolerated in downtown Chicago or other  affluent neighborhoods. Goals for 2014 are as follows:To network with principles and create a plan that will help reduce teen preganacy, violence and killings around the schools, and create a deterence in regards to the high drop out rate of teenagers.  Continue AIDS and STD awareness classes to reduce the effects of these diseases.  To schedule team member meetings in various neighborhoods to build support and awareness for our cause.  
Long term goals- raise the funds necessary to acquire a property that will house a basketball court, a resource center, a computer lab, and classrooms to teach various workshops, lessons, and a place to have various actors, businessmen, politicians, musical artists, etc... perform and encourage our youth to aspire them to greatness.  To coordinate trips for low income families to various destinations in the city to expose them to their surroundings and to hopefully plant a seed of curiousity and excellence to seek out things that interest them on their own.  Create a scholarship program that will assist low income families with some of their college needs after high school graduation.  Establish relationships with various firms to ask for donations and create a sponsor list to show our youth who really is thinking about them.  In addition, create a teen summit committee that will enlist the help of many different teens to see the issues that are surrounding them from their own perspective and ask them for their insight to help solve the problems.  Also, New Foundation wants to offer a new program called Strength for him or her to stand. This new segment will involve interaction with our youth to combat the fatherless home syndrome.  Every girl needs a man in her life that she can draw knowledge and encouragement from that is not trying to sleep with her.  Every male needs an example that he can follow and observe so that he can fully understand how to use his strength.