We specialize in the following services:

--> Mentoring classes
--> Lessons - from our knowledge series
--> NFYO -Righteous wear
--> Speeches for assemblies
 This program can be offered daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your organization. FEE IS $75.OO PER SESSION.

Limited Vision –Not seeing yourself as you are is a phenomenon called limited vision. Meaning there are certain aspects of yourself that have to be confirmed by others.

Low self-esteem – Looking forward is truly the only way to succeed. Also, the only reason for looking down is to make sure that your feet are headed in the direction that you want them to go.  

Transitioning from boyhood to manhood – A lesson that explores and defines what it really takes to become a man.

House for sale/rent is a module of many lessons that attempts to reach and encourage our students under three main topic headings: Family Structure, Community, and Association.  

Choices – A lesson that explores and defines what it really takes to become a man/women.

Techinique-Forum/Panel discussionechinique-Forum/Panel discussion

Monologues & Speeches – If there were not for the past, we would not know where we came from. Some memories are sparked by an event in one’s life. Participants will reenact great speeches of their choice, monologues from plays, and create an individual speech and monologue. *Participants will create their “Legacy” speech regarding a cause or issue they feel passionate about. Students will practice maintaining focus while others are speaking


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New foundation’s goals are to encourage, empower, and equip our youth with the necessary tools that will give them the confidence to complete and graduate from high school, be productive citizens, and reach for knowledge in college or any other area in life that they are passionate about. We look forward to meeting with you because one thing is for certain our children matter. So please allow us the opportunity to uplift a generation and inspire a mind.